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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Whether it’s a fireplace, engine block, turbo-charger, exhaust component (headers to muffler, interior and exterior of pipes), or any other application that requires extreme heat resistance. Ceramic coating may be perfect for your project.

Ceramic coating offers insulation, and creates a more proportional heat dispersion on the coated items.
Products such as exhaust components can benefit greatly from an exterior coating, in combination with an interior coating.
Rendering an exhaust set-up with highly efficient heat dispersion, higher consistency in temperatures with lower readings, superior protective qualities, and astonishing aesthetic values.
Most exhaust components are extremely susceptible to rust and degradation. Exhaust headers, tubing and even mufflers are exposed to the elements consistently while having constant temperature fluctuations.
Where most paints and coatings fail, ceramic coatings persist and fend off rust, and wear, while keeping your coated surfaces looking clean and appealing.
Additionally, maybe you’d like to go the extra mile and coat your engine block or turbo for protection, performance, and brilliance. Ceramic coatings are versatile and applicable for a wide range of projects.

ProFinishing is confident in helping you determine if ceramic coating is right for your project.

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